Motion Picture Music '94-'05

Released in 2006, this compilation offers music from a wide spectrum of international productions including documentaries, short films and features.

From Australia: Lighting fires (1994), a documentary of Sydney-based painter Tim Storrier, directed by Geoff Bennett; Frank Hurley - The man who made history (2004), a documentary about the man who began his career with the film of the Shackleton expedition to Antarctica directed by Simon Nasht; Sparrow (1996), a short film by Australian director Polly Watkins; and the infamous Chopper (2000), directed by Andrew Dominic.

From Europe: Rien ne vas plus (2005), a German “photo film” by Katja Pratschke and Gusztav Hamos featured at the 2006 Venice film festival; Rosehill/rosenhügel/rozedomb (2002), a German-Hungarian feature, directed by Mari Cantu; and Go for gold (1997), a spanish-german production, directed by Lucian Segura.