Update January 2015

In 2014 Mick played 24 concerts with The Ministry of Wolves in Europe and and as part of that ensemble performed live music at 17 theatre performances of “Repubilk der Wölfe” in Germany. In Australia and Europe there were 9 solo shows and 9 Intoxicated Man shows (Mick Harvey performs Serge Gainsbourg) and Australia saw Mick involved in 5 performances of “Pop Crimes - the Songs of Rowland S Howard”. In addition Mick sat in on occasion with friends and colleagues including Jess Ribeiro and Julitha Ryan and guested at The Barbican in London for David Coulter’s “In Dreams - David Lynch Revisited”.

2014 also saw the release of 2 albums of material by The Ministry of Wolves - ‘Music from Republik der Wölfe’ and ‘Happily Ever After’ - and Mick lent production assistance to ‘Acid Rain and Sugar Cane’ by Wagons (on which Mick mostly sat in on keyboards) and produced a new album for Jess Ribeiro which will see the light of day in 2015.

Early 2015 should see the completion of a soundtrack for an ABC documentary on the history of the ANZACs, 2 weeks recording in London for the new PJ Harvey album, 2 solo shows in mid-February and Mick’s involvement in the Australian concerts for “In Dreams - David Lynch Revisited” in March. Planning is underway for concerts in the European high summer which should be announced in March/April.

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