The Eyes to Cry (Les Yeux Pour Pleurer)

When one has lost it all, there’s nothing any more just the eyes to cry
You expect nothing more, there’s nothing left at all just the eyes to cry,
When someone wounded you, there was nothing left to do but for eyes to cry,

When one has ravaged you, when you have been lied to,

And when a love has died and the time has expired with the hours you cried,
And there’s nothing left of him and the night is closing in you’ve just your eyes to cry,
The silence has no sense, there’s nothing in the present tense for your eyes to find

When the cure is too trying, when you can only think of dying,

Here comes another love, a marvellous love, in your eyes surprise,
Another love’s alive, It is the love of your life, Just like the first time
And these sorrows melt away, And the tears have given way for another just like you,

It’s erased and you are free. There’s no greater ecstasy than having tears of joy to cry