(Requiem pour un Con)
Translation by Lulu Norman, PG Imhof & Mick Harvey

Listen to the organ playing just for you
Such a lovely little tune
Hope you feel the same and you're having fun
It's the Requiem for a c*^#

I have written it especially for you
To the memory of the shit I knew
Quite a fertile theme don't you think so son
Like you are to me - stupid c*^#

Hear again the organ playing back that tune
Learn it off by heart and sing it too
Then you'll know the game and just how it's run
In the Requiem for a c*^#

Now you're looking at me can't you hear it through?
But what could there be to offend you?
To me it's all the same if you hate the puns
It's playing anyway - stupid c*^#

I will spread your shame and here's how it's done
I'll spell out your name - stupid c*^#