I Envisage (J’envisage)

I envisage the hold-ups
On 5th. Avenue
I envisage the bomb threats
On the news
I envisage your make-up
Throw it away
Out on Sunset Boulevard
Where’s my car anyway
I envisage trench warfare
How it failed                   
Some turbine driven robots
Neither female nor male
I envisage your leaving
I would really like that it hurts
Now and then
I envisage……
I envisage the worst

I envisage open couch beds
The odour of musk
Some burns some devastation
In the nucleus
Some natural echoes
I tampered with
I apprehend the silence
which howls  
I envisage……
I envisage the worst

i envisage the concerts
Some slaughter some carnage
On the basement floor
I don’t want a diagnosis
by what right
i envisage a remake
With me in the limelight
I  envisage re-examining
myself one on one
I envisage……
I envisage the worst