(Hotel Particulier)
Translated by Alan Chamberlain, Mick Harvey & Katy Beale

At number 51, 2 , 3 or maybe 54
On a certain street if you knock on the door
First one time, then 3 more, they'll let you in
Alone or even with a friend

A servant without a word before you wends his way
Along endless passages and spiral stairways
Golden angels sit atop the ornate colonnades
Of Aphrodites and of Salomes

If it's free say 44 is what you're after
It's the room they call here Cleopatra's
Around the 4-poster rococo style bed
Stand black statues with flames held overhead

A ceiling mirror reflects the scene below
As mute witnesses stand in rigid rows
Between those naked slaves, human ebony
Slowly I entwine with Melody

Melody? Melody Nelson?

Slowly I make love with Melody