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While Rereading Your Letter (En relisant ta lettre)
While rereading your letter I became aware That writing and you are not a good pair Itís you I love Apostrophe above Don't say that thereís A full-stop It's missing one That you don't care Iím begging you Please dot the I For clear answers I am the slave That should be A To appearances It's comical Thatís Capital That itís been so nice To some effect (Tout Áa m'affecte) In French, correct If in the extreme You renounce Like itís pronounced Listening to me This life itself Thatís how it's spelt Can finish here To bear ill-will Two double Lís With such venom You are a snake there's no mistake There's one right there Iíll have died of this This is not English Do you understand ? You got it wrong, you got it wrong Well, you didnít there I'll teach you yet That barbituarate Doesn't have an O But just take one And seal the rest No donít take two As you decompress Youíll see itís best That weíre apart The blues, the tears The heartache years With an E in the heart