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The Homely Ones (Les Petits Boudins)
In my black book When my choice is done A funny little one I put him under My arm till dawn That funny little one Un Petit Boudin It�s good for what I have It is fun A little pudgy one It's easy and Commitment there is none To the little pudgy ones Les Petites Boudins At first it's nothing But a nerdy boy Un petit boudin Just a touch or two And it becomes A Sausage in a bun Un Petit Boudin It never says no That's why it�s fun With Georgy Porgy ones There�s no heartache and There�s no questions With the Georgy Porgy ones Les Petites Boudins Les Petites Boudins But in my address book there are none No funny little ones There's only you, you who have nothing Of a pudgy little one No sausage in a bun You've got nothing in common With the funny little ones Les Petites Boudins