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Is it for you I do this strip-tease? What do you want me to tell you, please? One by one, day by day My illusions go away Every night, it's another autumn Discarding my leaves is utter boredom And all this, for what, for whom? Is it for them or for you? If it's for you that I am disrobing Itís for me to tell you that despite coping Between you and me, youíre just A voyeur, a little bit rough But these are only my wild dreams From my mouth down to my stocking seams ĎCause not even you, nobody Will lay their hands upon me. Here then is the end of the strip-tease Intoxicates you, objectifies me. Here is the flesh mannequin Her clothing strewn at the scene However if I am completely naked I keep my soul innocent - I canít fake it I stay the same in each pose Simply without any clothes