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Deadly Tedium (Ce Mortel Ennui)
Deadly Tedium Comes to me When I am With you Deadly Tedium Takes a hold Feeling glum Step by step The day that I can find the guts to leave You and let Let you go, that day That day, oh yes that day, I think I could Think that I Fi- -na- -lly Could See Deadly Tedium Put into The English I’ll take my leave Of course there's really nothing to say When we’re horizontal But we don't have anything to say When we’re vertical So to kill the time Between some sex and the next I take my newspaper and biro And I fill In the a's and the o's. One day I know I must decide My love To pack my bags But I fear you’ll go You’ll go to the bathroom cabinet And reach out To The Bar- bit- urates I want no tedious Things on my Mind or with Your Daddy So I let it be