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Have you never been there? It’s the first symptom, I read that somewhere A jam session of percussionists It is in my eyes, the image reversed I say to him “neither you nor you”, I tell him “her”. She has to know, you have to know at the same time that I love you But it is not possible to also be a jerk. Delirium, that’s what I have! I drive you out of my thoughts I reject you, I run away But you return to me, you come back yet again Like a boomerang If you could strike yet again One mortal blow for evermore To stop my life so you won’t come back again Like a boomerang Sometimes I believe I’m cured I feel my heart no longer beats I rest until that day comes Between life and love Take in pity this poor love Complete it well one good time Go away, yes, go away, don’t come back again Like a boomerang